SOD Coffee

For many of us, we start our busy days with a cup of coffee and whether you live life on the go or not, fresh coffee is always possible. SOD Coffee is perfect for those coffee drinkers that enjoy a great taste that is healthy, sustainable and at a great value. So skip the instant and go SOD.

100% Thai Arabica | Certified Organic | Sustainably Shade-Grown

SOD Coffee is 100% Thai Arabica grown in the mountains of Chiang Mai, between 1,000 and 1,400 meters above sea level. Our coffee is shade-grown in harmony with big trees in a fertile forest. We put a lot of care into each process. Starting with hand-picked ripe cherries and processing them with state of the art machines and equipment to become high-quality green coffee beans. Our coffee is then roasted by highly trained professional roasters utilizing technologically advanced modern roasting systems. All of this is to bring you a truly unique coffee experience that takes you on a sensory journey back to the mountains of Chiang Mai, where it all began.

SOD Coffee Products

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