Project Shade

Shade-grown coffee is grown underneath a canopy of tailer trees that provide shade from the sun. All of our coffee is grown organically under a natural forest canopy.

Cultivating coffee in the natural forest requires care and consideration of the environment we work within.


All of our organic coffee is shade-grown. Aside from environmental benefits, organic certification also provides a cleaner and safer environment for farmers.

With this philosophy in agronomy, there are a string of benefits. Trees fulfill various roles that positively impact the environment. These are called ecosystem services. These services range from protecting water quality and preserving natural biodiversity, to storing carbon and reducing the risk of soil erosion and landslides. Additionally, local animal and plant organisms receive a healthy habitat to grow and thrive in. This biodiversity has positive impacts on the overall environment, beyond the local canopies where the coffee is grown.

Sustainability matters

Shade-grown coffee sends a powerful message to the coffee industry that sustainability matters. An increased demand for shade-grown coffee also creates an economic incentive to use practices that protect the environment and coffee-growing communities. Join our other growers and benefit from the movement towards sustainability.

Healthy & Tasty

Organic shade-grown coffee also requires that there are no chemical applications, such as fertilizers and pesticides. A healthy and biodiverse environment can provide nutrients and birds can control the numbers of insect pests. This translates to lower exposure to chemicals at the farm, in water supplies, and in coffee cups. Shade coffee also tends to be slower in ripening. This often provides a more complex taste and is more flavorful than coffee grown in direct sunlight.



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Farm Management

We work closely with our growers and discuss their journeys towards sustainability.

Sustainability is often a long-term and evolving goal—requiring a vision, firm commitment and planning. Coffee farmers are facing increased risks due to shifting weather patterns so we want to ensure that we’re working with each of our producer partners, assisting them in dealing with their challenges and help set realistic sustainability goals. We routinely host remote training seminars in coffee agronomy, harvesting and processing.


PANA  Lab is a laboratory that is designed to detect chemical or harmful residues in soil, water and agricultural products such as coffee, rice, vegetables and fruits. Our aims is to provide small-scale farmers access to these tests, results and certifications within a reasonable amount of time at an economical price.

PANA Coffee Lab is located at Luang Nuea Subdistrict in Doi Saket District, Chiang Mai Province of Thailand.

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Project Shade

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