Q Processing Level 2 Professional

Q Processing: Level 2 Professional

The Q Processing: Professional (Level 2) course is a 6-day course in Coffee Processing.

This course is hosted by The Coffeenery in Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, Thailand. The course will be taught and instructed by CQI Instructor, Bryce Castleton. This course will be fully translated into Thai Language. The ideal student for this course is those who work directly with coffee producers, processors often or are in the business of harvesting and processing. Upon completing this comprehensive course, the students will be able to take away the experience and knowledge to make informed decisions in their own processing facilities or farms. Students will receive both theoretical (lectures) and practical (Hands On) experience in a variety of coffee processing methods: (Washed, Honey, Natural). The course requires fresh coffee cherry, which is why it must be instructed in the midst of the coffee harvest season. Similar to other CQI courses this course certification requires students to pass a series of exams in order to receive the level 2 processing certificate.

Students will receive comprehensive knowledge in:

  • Introduction: The actors and operations from cherry to cup
  • Unit Operation: Raw material
  • Coffee fruit anatomy; classification of processing methods
  • Unit Operation: Pulping
  • Unit Operation: Fermentation
  • Unit Operation: Washing and demucilation
  • Unit Operation: Drying
  • Storage, dry-milling and processing-generated defects
  • integrated  quality control in processing
  • Issues and future of processing

Instructor: Mr. Bryce Castleton (CQI Instructor)

Date: 4th-9th December 2023

Location: The Coffeenery in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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