Q Arabica Cupping Essentials

Q Arabica Cupping Essentials


This course is for those who would like to be “Q Arabica Grader” The course includes various activities to test the cuppers’ skills in evaluating a coffee in a traditional cupping format, olfactory senses, green and roasted coffee grading, acid identification, basic cupping skills evaluations, triangulations, sensory skills tests, and roasted coffee tests.


Instructor:  Mr. Tim Heinze (CQI Instructor)

What is included in the tuition fee:

  • lunches / snacks and coffee all day
  • All materials used in the course
  • Study Materials / Quiz


Location: The Coffeenery in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

*After you have completed registration, Please go to https://database.coffeeinstitute.org/course/4399 to register with CQI.


*Students will receive a certificate from CQI (Coffee Quality Institute) upon passing the test*

Special Package!!  

 Q Arabica Full Package  (2 Courses)

Price 115,000 .-  only!!

(From  124,000.- )

+Q Arabica Cupping Essentials  (3 Days)

+Q Arabica Combo Training & Exam (6 Days)




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