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We invested in state of the art processing equipment so that we could turn our best coffee cherries into the highest quality green beans possible. We chose to use Pinhalense’s Wet Mill and Dry Mill lines to ensure only the best output, both in yield and quality.

Organic & Food Safety
Our entire process follows the standards and protocols of USDA Organic and ISO 22000 Food Safety.

Coffee Hulling and Sorting

After the harvest season coffee is stored for a period of 2-3 months to “rest” before it’s ready to be prepared as our industries final raw material.

When coffee parchment first arrives at PANA Coffee‘s Dry Mill, it is inspected for quality. We check for the following measures:

  • Parchment Quality
  • Moisture Content
  • Pesticide Residue
  • Lot Consistency

Cold Huller and Catador

The first step in our Dry Mill takes the coffee on a journey of destoning, hulling and sorting. First the coffee is moved through a channel the separates any foreign matter or stones that can sometimes be found traveling with the coffee. Afterwards, the coffee’s parchment layer is removed carefully with our Pinhalense cold hulling system. Generic huller machines on the market can generate a lot of heat and can damage the coffee. We avoid this with less friction and gently removing the outer layer. Lastly, the coffee is ran through the Catador which removes low-density debris and particles.


Upon removing the husk or parchment layer there remains another layer called the silverskin. A thin film-like layer that is adhered to the coffee seed. Our Pinhalense polisher has the ability to remove this layer without generating heat or damaging the coffee seed.

Size Grader

Coffee comes in many sizes. In order to keep quality at it’s highest, we need to separate some of these sizes so that the performance of the equipment further down the chain can function properly. Using our size grader we are able to accomodate the many different grade specifications of our clients.

Density Sorter

Coffee is an agricultural product, which means there can be natural mutations or deformity in the seeds. Sometimes seeds are malnourished or don’t mature the same. These seeds lack density and need to be sorted out before we roast our coffee for consumption. We use the Pinhalense Densitmetric table for that. Using a combination of table angle, flow, vibration and airflow we are able to keep quality dense seeds separated from lower quality seeds.

Color Sorter

One of the last steps of green coffee raw material preparation is sorting out the coffee seeds that don’t match in color to the quality seeds. Traditionally, this is done by hand and can take a considerable amount of time. We use the Satake color sorter system from Japan. Completeley programmable to achieve customery results we can eliminate those seeds that can turn your specialty coffee into a lower grade. After all, it only takes one bad seed to ruin the whole cup.

Cyclone Dust Collector

During the hulling and de-husking process a lot of dust and fine particles are created. We proudly operate in a clean air environment with the use of our Simatek Pulse Jet Filter and Cyclone. This helps keep a healthy work environment for our employees as well as keeps our equipment clean and functioning as intended.

Input Parchment Coffee

High quality green coffee starts with properly dried parchment coffee. When parchment is recieved it’s analyzed, documented and then prepared before it goes through hulling and sorting transformation.

Quality Assurance

Various stages of the process require Quality Assurance and Quality Control to ensure processes are followed and that both the input and output expectatations are reached.

Output Green Coffee

Green coffee is the final form of our raw material. It must be moved and handled with care. All green coffee is handled with food safety standards and stored in hermetically sealed bags to protect it from both oxygen and humditiy.

Tolling Services

If you are interested in having our tolling services to produce your coffee with international standards please fill out this form and our production experts will contact you within 48 hours or call +66 99 142 0888.

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Through controlled and technical coffee processing we can achieve a higher quality cup and elevate Thai coffee to an international level.

USDA & EU Organic

Food Safety Standard Certification

International Standard Organization

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