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Roasting & Packing

We invested in state of the art processing equipment so that we could turn our best coffee cherries into the highest quality green beans possible. We chose to use Pinhalense’s Wet Mill line to ensure only the best output, both in yield and quality.

Organic & Food Safety
Our entire process follows the standards and protocols of USDA Organic and ISO 22000 Food Safety.

Coffee Roasting and Packing

After green coffee raw materials are sorted and prepared are they are carefully delivered to PANA Coffee’s Roastery where they are roasted and packed before being distributed as finished goods.

When green coffee first arrives at PANA Coffee, it is inspected  for quality. We check for the following measures:

  • Moisture Content
  • Pesticide and Ochratroxin Residue
  • Color and Appearance Uniformity
  • Green Coffee Quality and Defect Analysis

Convection Roaster

With a single-burner system, Loring Smart Roasters are extremely efficient by reducing overall gas consumption and creating a smokeless coffee roasting system. Currently the most green and eco-friendly gas roaster currently available. Loring produces high quality clean and consistent roasts so that the coffee is able to truly show it’s inherent quality from the farm and processing.

Electro-Static Air Cleaner

Lowering our impact on the environement is important to us at the farm level with our Organic farming principles, but it doesn’t stop at there. We continue this dedication to a green and clean earth by using our electro-startic air cooling system to remove all smoke and hot air before releasing the air from our roasting process back into the atmosphere.

Bulk Precision Grinder

There are a number of different ways to grind coffee for different product purposes. We chose the Mahlkonig DK27 because it creates a very consistent particle size that we can rely on across a diverse style of products.

Automated Drip Bag Packaging Machine

Our automated packaging equipment ensures finished goods are produced the same way consistently each time. Our dedication to keeping equipment calibrated and at peak performance ensures low-waste and high output every time.

Quality Control of Finished Goods

After converting raw material green coffee into roasted coffee finished goods we provide a number of services and reports to our clients. Showcasing agtron, moisture and weight loss, roast profile consistency and other lab testing upon request.

Light Roast

A unique selection of coffee, roasted lightly and meticulously to preserve the pleasant and nuanced flavors naturally found within the coffee. Best For: Filter coffee and espresso. Tasting Notes: Brown Sugar, Light Citrus, Sweet Lingering Finish

Medium Roast

A quality medium roasted coffee that strikes a pleasant balance between both sweetness and body. Best for: Milk and espresso-based drinks as well as black coffee, best paired with your favorite pastries and baked goods. Tasting Notes: Sugarcane, Brown Spice, Full Body

Medium to Dark Roast

A blend for classic coffee drinkers who appreciate bold, rich and roasty coffees. Best For: Classic espresso, Thai-iced coffee and sweet milk-based drinks. Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolatey, Malty, Smoky

Tolling Services

If you are interested in having our tolling services to produce your coffee with international standards please fill out this form and our production experts will contact you within 48 hours or call +66 99 142 0888.

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Through controlled and technical coffee processing we can achieve a higher quality cup and elevate Thai coffee to an international level.

USDA & EU Organic

Food Safety Standard Certification

International Standard Organization

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point