The Coffeenery is a learning center within PANA Coffee Group of Companies, which covers every step in processing coffee from seed to cup. We are the first model of ‘Organic Sustainable Value Chain’ in Thailand. Public media and coffee specialties from both domestic and international agree that we are one of the most modern, beautiful and eco-friendlies coffee business models in Asia. As a coffee center, we also provide knowledge, pleasure, and inspiration for coffee lovers, along with learning programmes.

Company Profile

Our Core
The Coffeenery aims to be a learning and knowledge exchange centre for both professionals and non-professionals, from coffee farmers, producers, roasters to coffee lovers. Our purpose is to establish knowledge, new experiences, pleasure and inspiration for visitors. The Coffeenery also intends to improve the quality of Thai coffee to meet international standards in every single step, from organic coffee farm management to processing. At the same time, we are developing learning programmes to increase knowledge and experience for Thai coffee professionals.