Tonkla Nursery

Each of our coffee trees start their life here in our controlled and monitored conditions. Tonkla is our coffee nursery and greenhouse near the base of Chiang Dao.

Before being planted within our own farms (Doi Mek and Saked Dao) or elsewhere, each sprout spends approximately one and a half years at the nursery. Interested in our saplings? visit project shade.

Each coffee tree produced by The Coffeenery starts its life here in controlled and monitored conditions until they grow into strong saplings ready to take root outdoors. The complex began as a concept from Mr. Peera Panasupon, Executive Director of Mac Education Co., Ltd., as he aimed to provide a guiding example to shift farming away from the unproductive and environmentally damaging practices widely used by Thai farmers. Thus, Luang Seeding Station was established in 2012.

The Nursery has produced approximately 40,000 coffee trees since it began operating and all its plants are shade grown in pesticide-free soil, methods which are continued with saplings that are planted on The Coffeenery’s farms. The Nursery’s four varieties of coffee plants have been certified by the Highland Research and Training Center within the Faculty of Agriculture at Chiang Mai University.

Where the coffee journey begins

Come and visit us!

Tonkla Nursery is located just beside Doi Mek Cafe in Chiang Dao city. Enjoy a coffee from our cafe and ask the shop manager to see the nursery.