Saked Dao Farm

Our second farm Saked Dao also known as “Star Dust” is a 200 Rai (32 Hectares) shade-grown coffee farm in Doi Saket that is illuminated almost nightly by a beautiful starlit sky. Saked Dao is just a mere 45 minutes further into the mountains from our Wet Mill at PANA Coffee.

Take in
Saket Dao Farm’s truly natural forested grounds is a great way to learn more about coffee production and Thailand’s northern landscape, even if you are not a coffee or tea lover.

Saked Dao’s 200 Rai (32 hectares) were established in Doi Saket, one year after Doi Mek Farm. During harvest season, a staff of 15-20 tends to the coffee and tea trees throughout the alternating harvest seasons. Coffee on Saked Dao is harvested from December to March while Tea is from April to November.

The natural soil and forest canopy on these 1,000 – 1,200 meters above sea level slopes provide ideal shaded conditions and an average temperature of 22˚ centigrade to produce organic, pesticide-free coffee.

Saked Dao’s natural soil and forest canopy

Welcome enthusiasts and visitors

Interested in seeing the farm yourself? We welcome enthusiasts and visitors from all over the world to walk the forested grounds. During their visits they see our methods harvesting and processing up close. Our farm tours offer a fantastic day excursion no matter your knowledge or interests.