Doi Mek Farm

Our first farm, Doi Mek, which means “Cloudy Hill” in Thai language, was established in 2011 on the lush green hillsides of Chiang Dao. Today, it’s home to coffee, tea, avocado, banana, macadamia, and many more agricultural products.

Taking in
Doi Mek Farm’s truly natural forested grounds is a great way to learn more about coffee production and Thailand’s northern landscape, even if you are not a coffee or tea lover.

At Doi Mek the main crop is coffee, but tea lovers will be delighted to know that the land is also shared by tea trees. Doi Mek’s beautiful hillside locale covers 300 Rai (48 Hectares) with an elevation of 1,000 – 1,400 meters above sea level with the forest canopy providing shade over pesticide-free soil, which allows for organic growing conditions at an average 21˚ centigrade.

What began as a collection of underutilized mountainside plots of land has grown to be both a sustainable farm and eco-tourism destination. Serenely located 30-40 minutes up the steep slopes in Chiang Dao and reaching the remote Pang Ma-O villages. Now managed and operated by a dedicated and hardworking team of over 20 staff and farmers.

Doi Mek’s beautiful hillside locale

Welcoming enthusiasts and visitors

Interested in seeing the farm yourself? We welcome enthusiasts and visitors from all over the world to walk the forested grounds. During their visits they see our methods harvesting and processing up close. Our farm tours offer a fantastic day excursion no matter your knowledge or interests.