Our Coffee Farms

Set amidst the absolutely stunning landscapes of Chiang Mai and Chiang Dao, our coffee farms benefit from the altitude, shade level, rainfall, and soil quality of the area. All these play a role in how coffee quality turns out.

Great coffee
begins with passionate and knowledgeable farmers. It is truly remarkable to be able to work closely with them to orchestrate our resources and develop coffee to it’s highest potential.

Why Organic?

Begins on the top of a hill above a thousand meters

The best coffee starts with being planted in suitable environments. The Coffeenery encourages and supports farmers on how to grow Organic, Shade-Grown coffee, so as not to pollute nature and watershed forests. Shade trees provide an important role in coffee quality, such as slowing maturation of the coffee cherry and giving the coffee ample time to develop. These can contribute to a higher quality cup of coffee.

All Farms

Tonkla Nursery

Every coffee tree begins its journey as a seedling. Ours begin at Tonkla Nursery where we carefully grow seedlings into healthy saplings in Chiang Dao, Thailand.

Doi Mek Farm

Doi Mek which means "Cloudy Hill" in Thai language was established in 2011 on the peaceful, lush and green hillsides of Chiang Dao. Today its the home of over 140,000 coffee trees.

Saked Dao Farm

Saked Dao also known as "Star Dust" is a 200 Rai (32 Hectares) shade-grown coffee farm in Doi Saket that is illuminated almost nightly by a beautiful starlit sky.