Cloudy Hill

Join us on a journey back up to the mountainous region of Chiang Dao, Thailand to Doi Mek Farm where we harvest Arabica Coffee & Assamica Tea. Located in the remote region and reaching as high as 1,400 meters above sea level, here is where the magic of Cloudy Hill products begin.

Coffee Tea & Honey
Carefully Harvested, Meticulously Processed and Artisan Prepared.

Cloudy Hill represents our exclusively processed specialty line of coffees and teas exclusively grown on Doi Mek Farm in Chiang Dao. Only the highest quality harvested coffee fruit and fresh tea leaves are used for Cloudy Hill products. We then process these micro-lots very uniquely to achieve the highest potential possible. Cloudy Hill brand is for the coffee or tea connoisseur that wants to enjoy something truly exceptional. Doi Mek Farm and PANA Coffee are pushing the bounds of Coffee and Tea quality in Thailand.

Our Coffees are processed in our own unique Washed, Semi-Washed & Natural methods. Tea offerings include our Silver Needle White, Black and Oolong Teas. We produce a Cascara (Dried Coffee Fruit Skin) tea and offer a Natural Honey that comes from the pollinated coffee and tea blossoms of our bees on Doi Mek.