Company Profile

The Coffeenery is a learning center within PANA Coffee Group of Companies, which covers every step in processing coffee from seed to cup. We are the first model of ‘Organic Sustainable Value Chain’ in Thailand. Public media and coffee specialties from both domestic and international agree that we are one of the most modern, beautiful and eco-friendlies coffee business models in Asia. As a coffee center, we also provide knowledge, pleasure, and inspiration for coffee lovers, along with learning programmes.

Our Core
The Coffeenery aims to be a learning and knowledge exchange centre for both professionals and non-professionals, from coffee farmers, producers, roasters to coffee lovers. Our purpose is to establish knowledge, new experiences, pleasure and inspiration for visitors. The Coffeenery also intends to improve the quality of Thai coffee to meet international standards in every single step, from organic coffee farm management to processing. At the same time, we are developing learning programmes to increase knowledge and experience for Thai coffee professionals.

History & Philosophy

Thailand’s growing coffee industry began with an initiative of the late King Rama IX as he sought to provide alternatives to the opium farming that was abundant throughout Thailand’s north.

“People all over the world are drinking coffee. Try to plant some and one day you will know.”

The King uttered these words in 1974 among a discussion with Payo of the Karen Hill Tribe people whom worked the land along the Thailand-Myanmar people, and in doing so he mapped out the strong position coffee would occupy in his country’s society in the years ahead. Today, the influence of his words and initiative are plain to see as locals and travellers alike enjoy coffee within all urban centers and even on the roadside of trans-provincial roadways. Thailand’s love of coffee continues to grow year on year.

Our Mission

Our goal is to continuously grow and improve the coffee business from seed to cup. We serve as a bridge to every part of the industry, branching the knowledge in the coffee business from upstream to downstream and back. Providing education and experience to all of the industry stakeholders in order to sustainably develop Thai coffee business.

Our Founder and Managing Director

Mr. Peera Panasupon has a remarkable profile in the Thai Education Sector. He started and later became an executive director of MAC Education, one of the most renowned the most renowned media and publishing companies  in Thailand.

“I am from an education-related background. When I stepped into coffee, I brought the education system into coffee and the result is ‘coffee education’. This is the starting point of coffee learning centre, with an intention to continue the King Rama IX’s philosophy”

Seed To Cup

We are one of the few companies in Thailand that employs a fully-integrated “seed to cup” model, which covers all steps of the coffee process. We pay attention to every detail from growing plants, harvesting coffee cherries, assorting coffee cherries one by one to get highest quality of coffee cherries, processing, selecting qualities by high-technology and eco-friendly machine in industrial factory, which ISO22000, FSSC22000, GMP, HACCP and HALAL certified, and then roasting elaborately by specialists. The overall process has become one of the models of organic and sustainable coffee business or “Organic Sustainable Value Chain”. As we are ready to serve the scent and taste of quality coffee to a cup in your hand.

Coffee Education

The booming of coffee in Thailand has motivated us to establish coffee institute in order to develop coffee personnels for Thailand. We firmly believe that our country has need of information exchange centre to share knowledge about coffee in international standard, especially, Arabica. The demand for coffee education has been increasing through these years and our position in the community enables us to share knowledge for sustainable development of the coffee industry in Thailand.

Join us today

We provide courses to improve skills in coffee and also launch an activity ‘Coffee Experience’ for newcomers to gain new experience about the coffee process, from visiting coffee the farm to the factory, including tasting and brewing coffee, which is held by The Coffeenery. Our roasted bean coffee varieties are also available for purchase. Moreover, supporting us gives you not only an unforgettable experience but also helps support the Thai coffee network.