Uplifting Thai Coffee to International Standards

We work to inspire an innovative coffee culture in Thailand
and promote global interest in the art, science and business of Thai coffee.

SOD Coffee Drip Bag

Sustainably grown and sourced coffee with a quality and taste that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.
Fresh coffee delivered right to your door.

Coffee Academy

Coffee education and knowledge are crucial to delivering and serving the best coffee.
We strive to provide the highest standard and level of education our industry offers.

Coffee Knowledge For Everyone

We know that coffee quality is the result of countless decisions—from different varieties and farming techniques to roasting and brewing methods. Years spent pursuing coffee perfection have led to innovation and constant collaboration with growers and baristas. We’ve created resources to share what we've learned.

Coffee’s Journey

The coffee you enjoy each day has taken a long journey to arrive in your cup. Between the time they’re planted, picked, processed, roasted and brewed, coffee beans go through a series of steps to bring out their best.

Coffee Seedlings

Planting and Growing

Coffee Cherries

Selecting and Harvesting

Parchment Coffee

Processing and Drying

Green Coffee

Milling and Sorting

Roasted Coffee

Roasting and Grinding

Cup of Coffee

Brewing and Serving

Shade-grown coffee

Grown sustainably under a canopy of trees, shade-grown coffee significantly benefits the local flora and fauna, the immediate environment, the growers as well as the taste by allowing the cherries to ripen slower.

State of The Art
Coffee Processing Facility

We’re committed to coffee excellence above all else. That starts with the bean and continues with how we perfect every step of the coffee supply chain. From sourcing the right beans to creating the package that ends up on your shelf, our world-class processing facility enables us to produce the perfect cup of coffee!

Coffee Academy

Our relentless pursuit for knowledge and understanding in coffee is why we collaborate with international coffee institutes, bringing you the best coffee education our industry has to offer.


100% Thai Arabica

Grown in the mountains of Chiang Mai, our blends and roasts craft a unique experience that takes you on a sensory journey back to those very same mountains where it all began.

SCA Barista Professional Course

Daily Course

Full day 8 Participants 42,000 THB

SCA Roasting Course

Daily Course

Full day 8 Participants 49,000 THB

Latte Art

Daily Course

Full day 8 Participants 5,000 THB

Loring Roasting Experience

Daily Course

Full day 6 Participants 7,000 THB

Public Cupping february 29th

Daily Course

Full day 40 Participants 200 THB